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    Ingame Rules Empty Ingame Rules

    Post  Loganvz on Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:24 am

    Use of any hexadecimal editor is a strictly prohibited and will result in permanent ban.
    Swearing is allowed in a passive manner, not directly at any member or person.
    Moderators reserve the right to kick you for any reason they feel reasonable.
    Every player reserves the right to a ban appeal, see ban appeal topic.
    Asking for spawn parties is strictly prohibited.
    Only 'Pat' can spawn monsters.
    Any moderator who is inactive without reason for greater than two weeks can be de-op'd without reason.
    Any hacking attempts result in a permanent ban.
    Anybody who has 'swag' will be banned without warning.
    Any moderator abusing his powers will be banned indefinitely.
    Anybody who claims to be a moderator, and does not have a blue name, will be indefinitely banned.
    Impersonation is a bannable offence.
    Dragging monsters purposely off a ledge is a bannable offence.

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